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Genesys Fantasy with


Fantasy about Genesys
I just want you to put all that ass on my face and let me eat up..and then we flip each other and let it have raw bad

Genesys Homo Thug Gay Sex Fantasy
Tsunami Fantasy with Buttah


Fantasy about Tsunami
submitted by: mikey
my fantasy is to see tsunami do a threesum with kidd and buttah and fuck the hell out of both of them that would be HOT HOT HOT
Buttah in a scene with him

Tsunami Black Gay Porn with Buttah Gay Sex Fantasy
Tsunami Fantasy with Kidd


Fantasy about Tsunami
a yo dude is sexi you gota give it to him i wana see him fuck kidd omg that wood b so damn hot match dem up i def wana see dat
Kidd in a scene with him

Tsunami Black Gay Thugs With Fat Dicks with Kidd Gay Black Sex Fantasy
Shonuff Fantasy with


Fantasy about Shonuff
submitted by: Big B
my fantasy with shonuff is togive him long kisses then suck that dick and eat his ass for hours before i pound his ass for even more hours and cum up in there and have him do the same to me....

Shonuff Monster 11 Uncut Black Cock Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
Jovonnie Fantasy with


Fantasy about Jovonnie
would like to see jovonnie bottom more,hes very sexy would like to see him get that ass pounded.

Jovonnie HardCore Convicts Turned Hardcore Hustlers Black Gay Sex Story
Too Gutta Fantasy with

Too Gutta

Fantasy about Too Gutta
My fantasy is to meet a guy in a resturant and he is the waiter. He serves me and then later develops the urge to show me where the bathroom is. He takes me to a back room instead, switches the light off and starts to touch me. Strips me naked, makes me feel his package and he is all hard. He places me on my knees with not uttering a word. He shoves his large black dick in my mouth amd holds my head flush with his dick going down and out my throat. He rubs it all on my face making me greedy to lick him. He then kneels down behind me, tempting to slide it in but rims me instead. Later, he bends me where my head is on the ground, my legs split and my ass up to the height of his thick dick. He lubricates me with his sliver and shoves his cock deep in me, making sure every inch is fully in. He Fucks me slowly whilst picking up my right leg and arching his back whilst piercing himself in me. His left hand holding my left shoulder, riding me harder, he suddenly pulls it out and turns me on my back and spreads my legs wide open, placing them on his shoulders and shoving his dick in me when looking at me. I feel him ready to explode, the vein getting thicker, he going faster and harder. I try to push him out be he has me in a corner that I have no escape. He leaned back when yelling, I feel every drop pour in me like an open tap. He hold it in me till every drop is out. He pulls it out and makes me lick him down.

Too Gutta Sexy Black Studs Gay Sex Story
August Fantasy with


Fantasy about August
Hey every its me AUGUST LACORE amke sure yall Download my HIT RAUNCHY single "GIVE IT BOY" by me "AUGUST LACORE" on ITUNES

August black male nude video Black Gay Sex Fantasy
Jovonnie Fantasy with


Fantasy about Jovonnie
well let's see the first time i seen was on you on blind date sex i wanted you then i seen you with the ups guy an that made me want you even more so what that said my fantasy is to have you i mean all of you ya dig you look like you are a good fuck i tryin to feel like that ups guy did did so when you are in town hit me up i'am sure to make your week jovonnie i see you have been i'an the game since you were 18 an now you are 22 i know you know what you are doing i know you are with citi boi that was the first person that i seen you with but why is he fuckin you to now i guess the money right when you are in baltimore city hit me up ok love thanks i need for you to smile for me daddy let me see that grill

Jovonnie Gangstas Fucking Men DL Thug Sex Story
ShortyJ Fantasy with


Fantasy about ShortyJ
Me and Shorty J doing ANYTHING ANYTIME!

ShortyJ Ruff Thug Gay Sex Gay Black Sex Fantasy
Jovonnie Fantasy with


Fantasy about Jovonnie
submitted by:
I have Jovonnie travel first class to the city of Dubai.Will have his bath water ready for him so that he will be nice and refresh from the long flight.

Jovonnie Homo Niggas Gay Sex Fantasy
Krave Fantasy with Jovonnie


Fantasy about Krave
Owa I think I wanna see his fine ass fuck Dr.SeXXX...Dat would be such a hot & wet scene to me!!!I hope that this comes true!Shit!This fantasy needs to be a reality.Dem sum hot boyz 4real!
Jovonnie in a scene with him

Krave Black Gay Hood Niggas Fucking with Jovonnie Gay Sex Fantasy
Krave Fantasy with Angyl Valantino


Fantasy about Krave
submitted by: Trey
I think this new boy Krave is fuckin sexcii!I would love to see him fuck a nigga like Domino.Like his big dick goin all up in Domino sexy muscular ass wud be some hot shit!I'm nuttin on myself just thinking about it:)
Angyl Valantino in a scene with him
Angyl Valantino

Krave black gay men fucking with Angyl Valantino Ghetto Gay Sex Story
CockyBoi Fantasy with BabyBoy


Fantasy about CockyBoi
i wont go to with him becuase i love thug mens that have a big dick and body n a car to cum and get me
BabyBoy in a scene with him

CockyBoi Ruff Thug Gay Sex with BabyBoy Gay Sex Story
Kidd Fantasy with


Fantasy about Kidd
I Would Love To Have Sex With Him And Eat His Ass Out And Fuck Him In The Middle Of The Football Field

Kidd Black Raw Gay Porn  DL Thug Sex Story
ShortyJ Fantasy with Jovonnie


Fantasy about ShortyJ
submitted by: Darius King
i always wanted 2 fuck this sexy ass nigga he turns me on so much i had a fantasy where he comes over 2 my house and kisses me so gud almost makes me bust a nut and suck the shit outta my dick and i fuck the shit outta this nigga i love him so much i had dreams bout him!
Jovonnie in a scene with him

ShortyJ Uncut Thick Black Cock with Jovonnie Gay Sex Story
Jovonnie Fantasy with Peanut


Fantasy about Jovonnie
i want to see jovonne get fucked by pinky and peanut
Peanut in a scene with him

Jovonnie HardCore Convicts Turned Hardcore Hustlers with Peanut Thug Sex Story
Desire Fantasy with Daquiri


Fantasy about Desire
submitted by: andra miller
I would let come in the room look face to face lift his shirt up lickin his upper body while I do that start take his pants off. rub on dick with my hand. Go down and my tongue ring come out of my mouth and start tastein the head and rub his ball at the same time. than we start take each other clothes off piece by piece. Start lick on his ass and turn around let him do his job and we start it slow fuckin and until he ready to fuck good
Daquiri in a scene with him

Desire Black Gay Hood Niggas Fucking with Daquiri Ghetto Gay Sex Story
Buttah Fantasy with


Fantasy about Buttah
My fantasy is just to see him jck tht dick all nite long.. I just want to be able to come in the room also while he jcking and just sit on tht dick and ride till he tell me to stop...

Buttah Hood Niggas with Big Dicks Gay Black Sex Fantasy
Jovonnie Fantasy with CityBwoi


Fantasy about Jovonnie
submitted by: Jamal
My fantasy would be sucking jovonnie's dick and letting City Bwoi eat my ass then letting jovonnie fuck me and then I suck city bwoi dick both of their dicks are so damn pretty and they are fine as hell if I say so myself.
CityBwoi in a scene with him

Jovonnie Thug black big dick with CityBwoi Black Gay Sex Story
SexcyOne Fantasy with


Fantasy about SexcyOne

SexcyOne Freaky Gay Thugs Ass Fucking Sex Gay Sex Fantasy
Mr. Saukei Fantasy with

Mr. Saukei

Fantasy about Mr. Saukei
submitted by: Cj
It's a cold night on the 14th of December. It's only couple hours till midnight and I am continuously wondering about what experience I want to have for my soon to be birthday. My mind goes through every single scenario of where and with who I want to have the most sensual sexual in encounters. The one and only person that jumps into my mind is Saki. Laying on my bed just thinking about is alluring eyes, perfectly sculpted body, and huge protruding dick causes me to pre-cum all over my stomach. I then float in a phantasm of wishes. I enter the dinning room and I place 23 candles and 23 cupcakes on the table representing every year I have been deprived of having this bronze adonis thrusting inside of me. 23 times that I would have had the chance to grip his muscle bulging arms as he continuously sends my body into a utopia of pleasure and weakness. In all 23 locations he would give me a cupcake with one candle lit in it and tell me to make a wish and I will make it come true. My wish would be the same each time: " As I blow out this candle I want you to blow me. As I eat this cupcake I want you to eat me. And I when I finish I want you to fuck me like it was the last time you were ever going to see me." In 23 different places and 23 different way our bodies would intwine to make a moment so gratifying that we would both hate time because it betrayed us for not freezing itself to allow this moment to become an eternity. Even though, each time it would be my wish I would always be owned by him to be twisted and turned, bent and pulled, hammered or screwed because his domination is what causes my body to shoot out every ounce of cum it can produce. As I wake, I look at the clock and it has now reached midnight. I smile to myself thinking of how my dream becoming a reality would be such a delight. To my surprise I here a knock the door. I open the door and there is Saki with a cupcake with a lit candle in it. He presents it to me and says make a wish. I try to blow out the candle but no matter how hard I try the candle continues to stay lit. He laughs at me and says : "That candle is continuing to stay lit because I'm always going to pleasure you. So come on we have many more cupcakes and candles to get. And trust they are going to be more than 23."

Mr. Saukei Bitch fucked mad niggas Gay Black Sex Story
Jovonnie Fantasy with


Fantasy about Jovonnie
i hav dreamed of having sex with him i just deep throat his dic and watch his eyes roll while he tell me how good it feels den tak my ass and throw it bac on his dick slowly gettin faster while smackin my ass and turn me ova on my bac and slowly tick it in while he tellin me to tak his dick throw my legs bac and fuck the shit out of me then suck him till he nut and watch him bust all ova my face after all is done kiss his sexy lips

Jovonnie Gay Black Thug Sex DL Thug Sex Story
Chocolate Majik Fantasy with

Chocolate Majik

Fantasy about Chocolate Majik
to meet with chocolate and unwrap his chocolate candy bar and stuff it down my throat. after that, we then will make our way to a (hotel) suite that include a king size bed and a jacuzzi. After a period in the jacuzzi, we will make our way to the bed where I will perform foot worship on chocolate's nice feet and do what he does best.

This is my fantasy........


Chocolate Majik hung thug DL Thug Sex Story
Jovonnie Fantasy with


Fantasy about Jovonnie
submitted by: Dion Adams
lol...well I have a few. where do I start? ok this is a long one but trust me it's GOOD! i guess one of my fantasies is to host a gay sex party in a mansion owned by me and the guest list would include myself of course, my boys Nick aka Fenyx and his boyfriend Blakk, Thugzilla, Kidd, Japan, Jiovonnie, City Boi, Yellow Boi, Colture, Chyna, Mr. Sauki, Soulja Boi, Red Bone and Next Big Thang.
It would start with Jiovonnie, city boi and i in a hott sweaty threesome where we would all take turns sucking and fucking the shit out of each other by the pool as the sun makes the beads of water glisten all over our bodies. i would start by pulling Jiovonnie\'s big dick into my mouth and sucking him off until he can\'t hold back the cum streaming up the shaft of his dick and pulls out while City Boi fucks him in his tight little yellow ass. we would then rotate and i would fuck City Boi hard as he deep throats Jiovonnie. Jiovonnie and i would kiss while city boi takes the dick Im giving him with no problem. From there Jiovonnie would flip me over and fuck me deep and hard as i lay on my back with city boi standing over me with his cock in my throat. finally Jiovonnie would pull his dick out of my ass and climb onto my hard dick and ride me to the finish line. we would then remove all condoms and jack each other off as we lick and suck and play with each others nipples right before i bust a creamy load in Jiovonnie face, city boi on mine and Jiovonnie on his. From there i would go upstairs to shower where i would meet Colture, Soulja boi, red bone and Kidd icon already in the act of making the world hottest shower scene with Soulja boi fucking Colture and red bone giving Kidd icon the business up against the glass shower doors. \"mind if i cut in\" i would ask as i slide back the shower door and step in. Kidd bent over by red bone would grab my dick and jack me off a while be for stuffing me into his mouth and sucking my dick real good. I would kiss soulja boi\'s big sexy lips as he pounds the shit out of Colture bent over standing side by side with kidd. soon Soulja Boi and i would switch spots and colture would then suck Soulja Boi\'s cock while i fuck Im in his candy sweet asshole. Red bone would dismount Kidd and remove the condom. Kidd would then go back and forth sucking on Soulja boi and Red Bones cocks as i sit down in the shower and let Colture ride me for a while. then Red Bone would shockingly mount Soulja Boi as colture climbs off my hard pulsing dick and pull the condom off my dick as he and Kidd both go to work giving me head until i cum a load all over their faces. Red Bone would then pull out and bust one all over Soulja Boi\'s back. Soulja boi would then fuck kidd until they both cum and i would assist Colture in Cumming by sucking his nipple as he jacks off and blows his load in my mouth. After we were all cleaned up i would proceed to my room to find Thugzilla and Chyna fucking in my bed, i would go off and get mad but they would soon calm me down by inviting me to join them. Thugzilla and i would take turn fucking to shit out of Chyna. then he would enjoy sucking both our dicks for a while before we all got into position for a three way suck secession with my cock in Thugzilla mouth Chyna\'s in mine and Thugzilla in Chyans. we would all suck each other off for a min. or two them Thugzilla would mount me as i mount Chyna and we would fuck in a three way train until we were ready to blow our loads and pull out to jack off all over Chyna\'s cute little face. After getting dressed the three of us would go down stairs to finish getting ready for the party before the rest of the guest arrives. i would run to the basement to put a load of clothes into the washer and run into my best friends and roommates Fenyx and Blakk sorting they\'re laundry in the laundry room. Nick makes a mistake and bumps into me with a cup of washing detergent in his hand spilling it all over me by accident. \"Oh shit bro bro I am soo sorry\" Nick says as i start taking off my clothes and tossing then into the washer. \"Dont worry about it its cool i was going to change anyway i wasnt feeling that outfit\" i say playing it cool. \"Here bae take those pants off so they can be washed too\" say Blakk noticing that the detergent spilled all over Fenyx as well. \"Now what are u gone do to make it up to him since you spilled soap all over his clothes?\" says Blakk looking at Fenyx with a little grin on his face. Fenyx then drops to his knees and begins giving me head as i leaned back against the washing machine and enjoys the apology. Blakk drops his pants and starts jacking off as he watches. i tell Blakk to come here and i bend over and gives him head as Fenyx continues to blow me off. i stand up and Blakk drops down and joins Fenyx in giving me brain for a while one of then sucking my dick the other licking my balls and thighs. they both stand and we all kiss, i turn Fenyx around and begin to fuck him bareback as Blakk climbs behind me and does the same to me. we all blow our loads Fenyx on the floor, i on his back and Blakk on mine. the two of them would go upstairs to get showered and dressed and i would join them. Then I would join Mr. Sauki, Japan, Yellow Boi, and Next Big Thang in the back yard to help them set up the Volley ball net. I dont how but before we knew it we would all end up in one big huge thug orgy on the lawn with me fucking all of them up the tight little asses even Mr. Sauki and yellow boi. but it would end before i ended up getting fucked by Mr. Sauki and Yellow Boi too. We would all end running a train on Next big Thang and Cumming all at once all over him from head to toe. After that i would go inside and there would be a knock at the door. i would answer the door and in would come Mr. Amazing, Quest, Neo with Phat Daddy and King Dingo, Sho-nuff, Dazz, X-Stacy, Rican-Papa with Redd, Mello, Chaos and Xclusive and&you would have to pick me to hare part 2 and see what would happen once the party really begins. i normally go for the slim sexy type of dude with a small waist and a fat ass. i like hairless guys but not particular about it. I like dudes with a cute face like Pinky untouchable, Kidd, and or Jiovonnie just to name a few lol. i like dudes that are freaks and are willing to try new shit. Im a top who is willing to get fucked for the right price by the right guy. i would rather the dude not be too big if Im going to play bottom of him, i like dick but Im really an ass man ya dig? i like a thug ass nigga thats down for anything and dont mind getting fucked, but a soft slender fem dude that loves dick is perfect too. What turns you off in a partner : stupid behavior, mad breath, and dude that try to run game (if u gone get at me come real.)

Jovonnie Huge Cock Fucking Gay Thug Ass Gay Sex Story
Nathan Woods Fantasy with HotRod

Nathan Woods

Fantasy about Nathan Woods
submitted by: Jo Jo
Nathan Being fucked by HOTROD...
For a good 15 Minutes then Filps da script...
Just the two of them...


HotRod in a scene with him

Nathan Woods Big Dick Black Gay Thugs with HotRod Black Gay Sex Fantasy
Chocolate Majik Fantasy with

Chocolate Majik

Fantasy about Chocolate Majik
submitted by: craig
come and fuck my virgin ass and slam me all week long and cum in my mouth i want it all film me taking many cocks but i want you to be the first man ever. okay eamil me asap.

Chocolate Majik Black gay thugs Gay Sex Story
Buttah Fantasy with Cashmere


Fantasy about Buttah
have him and me fuck/cashmere and suck ther feet and fuck one wild i am fuck the other one
Cashmere in a scene with him

Buttah Hung ThugBoy with Cashmere Gay Sex Story
Cdawg Fantasy with Jovonnie


Fantasy about Cdawg
eat his ass suck his feet and dick and he fuck me
Jovonnie in a scene with him

Cdawg Hood Niggas with Big Dicks with Jovonnie DL Thug Sex Story
Chas Fantasy with


Fantasy about Chas
i will love to eat his ass and suck his feet and his dick and he fuck me and i fuck him out side

Chas Muscular gay black men fucking Gay Black Sex Story
Venom Fantasy with Domino


Fantasy about Venom
i wanna be at a bar on sobe and venom walks in and starts makin small talk with me..we sit have a few drinks..and start talking bout diffrent places we wanna have sex at.. and we both come up with fuckin on the beach after hours.. so a few more drinks and we decide to live out our fantasie..but then Venom says he wants to add a third to the group, his homenoi Dominio so he makes a call and dominio happens to b on the beach and we al link up at the beach and go at it, but then too many ppl started to gather round, so then we move it to a hotel and fuk like pitbulls until the next day
Domino in a scene with him

Venom Hood Freaks with Domino Homoerotic Sex Story
Skinny Fantasy with JohnnyBoy


Fantasy about Skinny
submitted by: skinny
I want to see johnnyboi fuck skinny in the pool or shower.......
JohnnyBoy in a scene with him

Skinny Black Thugz with JohnnyBoy Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
Peanut Fantasy with


Fantasy about Peanut
submitted by: Waltah
You have been in my dreams every since I first saw your pic about five years ago. I got so hot I sent you a money order after I jacked off with your pic on the screen. Then, we started emailing and you told how you would tear me a new asshole bareback and facefuck me until you juiced all over me. I can still feel that voluptuous ass of yours with my hands in your ass crack pushing you deeper inside of me if only in dreams. I am so lusting for you. I hope you remember me. I know it has been a long time, but I'll never forget you, my precious Peanut. Just think of my white lips on that cock and taking it to the hilt and wrapping it in c-notes after I have swallowed nectar from a god.

Peanut black male gay twinks Black Gay Sex Fantasy
Seduction Fantasy with


Fantasy about Seduction
submitted by: Waltah

That beauty mark next to your right eye is a real turn on. Those luscious lips of yours are made to be kissed. If you only were unclothed, I could go into more detail as to what I'd like to do with you in bed. I can only imagine what you are packin' and how you would use it on a white guy. I'm thinking we could make beautiful music together. You have cast your spell on me. Now get undressed.

Seduction Black Men Gay Sex Fantasy
Lil Dre Fantasy with

Lil Dre

Fantasy about Lil Dre
submitted by: Waltah

Take that fat piece of black meat and slap me in my white face with it. Dangle those balls on my chin and lips. Get it hard so I can really see how big it is. I want to measure the length and girth of it and exclaim afterwards, I just had the biggest black cock of my life. But, give me some time to swab my throat with baby teething gel so that I won't gag when you decide to slide it into my mouth pussy. Take it easy at first so I can get the feel of it. Then, start pumping my mouth in a face fuck. When you are on the edge, take it out of my mouth and shoot your sweet spunk all over my face. I will lick all around my lips where you have left your deposit, but if some cannot be reached by my tongue, take your fingers and rub that cum into my mouth. You are so sweet and cuddly. Be nice to this white man, and he'll be nice to you!

Lil Dre Niggas Freakin Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
Aquarius Fantasy with


Fantasy about Aquarius
submitted by: Waltah
I am Aquarius' white bitch ho' as he calls me. I was the one who took him to the jewelry store and traded those rhinestones in his ears for diamonds! We had dinner in the sky at the revolving restaurant, and on the way to my apt. we stopped at the tobacco store and I bought him that big expensive cigar. He sat on my big couch, smoked and ordered me to fix him a drink. Yes, sir, I did that. I made him comfortable first by taking off his shoes and socks and sucked his toes. I sat beside him as he drank and blew cigar smoke into my face. I asked the kind sir if he needed anything else, and he said, "Suck my cock, you white bitch ho', and eat my ass out." I did as I was told. Aquaries always spoke with authority. He set down his drink and put the big cigar in the ash tray, and then I undressed him. I pulled back the satin sheets and we got into the bed, Aquarius on his belly with his ass up in the air. I pulled apart his ass crevasse and began to tongue bathe up and down his wide open crack. "Tongue fuck that rosebud!" Yes, sir, I will do my best. I licked it and swirled my tongue all around the rim and then darted my tongue in and out of his butthole. "Ahhhhhh," he moaned with pleasure. "Deeper," he said. I obliged. "Don't stop, you white bitch ho' that gets off on black meat." He turned and said, "Let me sit on your face." I almost smothered as he held his crack apart as I continued to eat that ass out. "Now, suck my dick, you white bitch ho'." He turned over, his tent-pole erection held up by those massive, throbbing cock veins. There was a dew drop glistening on his pee eye. My tongue savoured his precum, noting how sweet his juice was. "Suck that black cock, you white bitch ho'." Yes, sir, Aquarius, I will suck your cock. I ran my tongue under the edge of the big mushroom head. "Get to the business of cocksucking," he yelled. "That's what that thing is for!" I took the throbbing member into my mouth and deepthroated it, flicking my tongue against the veins as I buried my face in his pubes. "Eat it," Aquarius said. "Suck the shit out of it, you white bitch ho'!" He put his hands on my head and force fed me. He hunched and hunched in my deep throat, calling me "ho', pussy, bitch, cum dump, and white cocksucker." I could hardly breathe but my gag reflex had been relaxed earlier by an application of baby teething gel, so I was ecstatic with the thought that my mouth and throat were being used as a pussy, and I was able to accommodate his black meat up to his balls with nary a whimper. He pumped more furiously and I felt his nutsac rise and become taut. I knew the big event was about to happen. "Eat it, eat it, don't spill a drop," he said as he let go with a high tide of man juice that ebbed and flowed as he pumped and moaned. He was so deep inside of me I could hardly taste the sweet spunk he was unloading in my gullet. All too soon, he withdrew and fell back on the bed with a tremendous sigh. I covered him with the satin sheet as he drifted off into dreamland. He awoke a little after sunrise, his prick standing at attention. He fed me breakfast and called me a "white bitch ho'." I handed him my overstuffed wallet as he dressed and told him to take what he needed. He opened it, emptied it, and threw it on the floor. "You white bitch ho', you don't need nothing but my dick, so get to work and have that wallet full of Benjamins when you pick me up again." I nodded and said, "Yes, sir, Aquarius, I am nothing but your white bitch ho' and will work extra hard for you and that big piece of black meat you are packing." He slammed the door and left. I was almost late for work.

Aquarius Gay hardcore thug niggas Homoerotic Sex Story
Thirteen Fantasy with


Fantasy about Thirteen
submitted by: chris
o the things i would do 2 u mister. I, would start by nibbling on ur ear n kissing on ur neck. then i would kiss my way down to your belly button. then start sucking your cock and licking your balls, then i would start eating ya ass n sucking your balls at the same time then i would let u fuck me n any way u like then skit all over my face n body then beat ya dick on my mouth after u shower me with your sweet man juice. Yum Yum

Thirteen HardCore Convicts Turned Hardcore Hustlers Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
R'Tuerio Tanaj Fantasy with

R'Tuerio Tanaj

Fantasy about R'Tuerio Tanaj
submitted by: Waltah
Suck the shit out of that whopper cock and swallow every drop of his load and then wrap his cock in Benjamins.

R'Tuerio Tanaj Big Black Dick Thug Porn Black Gay Sex Story
Kobra Fantasy with


Fantasy about Kobra
submitted by: waltah
Forcefeed me that thick venom for that heavy nutsac. Open my wallet and take what you want, baby.

Kobra Big Dick Videos Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
Aquarius Fantasy with


Fantasy about Aquarius
submitted by:
Opening my mouth wide to accept his massive load as my hands grab hold of his gluts and ass crack and draw him deeper inside of me. When it's all over, tying Benjamins into bows on his cock as he sleeps. Sleep tight, my black prince. Wake up to a white man's money. There is more where that came from, sweetness.

Aquarius caribbean black dick encounters DL Thug Sex Story
Aquarius Fantasy with


Fantasy about Aquarius
My fantasy with Aquarius is make interracial love with him. I want this strong black man to be my master, and I want to be his slave. I want to do his bidding. As he orders me to be his bitch, I want to feel a rise in his levis as I struggle with his belt and begin to unbutton his pants all the while his lips are smothering mine and our tongues are probing each others mouths. He barks out orders that I am too slow. I finally get his pants unbuttoned and his big cock is at last set free and is standing at attention. I guide him to the bed and begin to caress his nips and slowly move downward, nibbling on his skin and stopping at his navel to swirl my tongue in it. I have my hand on his cock and feel the engourged veins that are holding it at attention. I continue to lick downward. There is a sparkling drop of dew on his cock head which I lick and watch it string itself toward my mouth. It is sweet to the taste. My white mouth finally finds Aquarius's cock head. I lick the dark chocolate mushroom and run my tongue around and under the edge of the tip of his dick meat. My mouth engulfs the head and my tongue swirls around the head and flicks at Acquarius pee eye. At Acquaris' orders and encouragement, I begin to take more of the pole into my mouth and my tongue flicks at the engourged cock veins. I continue my downward track until I have all of the black babymaker in my mouth and my face buried in his pubes. My hand cups his nutsac as I try to push them into my mouth. I back off for air and continue the descent over and over again. Acquarius begins to moan and his cock gets even harder. I back of as I don't want him to cum so fast. I lather his balls with my saliva and continue under his sack toward his rosebud. He lifts his legs and I find his hole and begin to tongue fuck it again and again until he moans. I lick up and down his butt crack until I find the rosebud again and I suck on it. My tongue acts like a dart piercing his opening. I stop for breath and lick my way back toward his balls. My mouth climbs the tower again and deepthroats the shaft over and over again. The moaning gets louder, the nutsac becomes taut and Acquarius begins to arch his back. Aquarius announces that he is cumming. This is my cue to deepthroat the pole. Wave after wave of Aquarius's man seed is pumped down my esophagus. I try to back off for air, but his strong hands push on the back of my head when another tsunami wave of cum is deposited deep in my innards. Acquarius keeps his hands on my head and he pumps and pumps until he is totally drained. He lets go of me and falls back onto the bed. Good job, bitch. I get on the bed and lay my head on his lower belly near his crotch. We fall asleep. In a couple of hours I awake, and there is Aquarius dick standing at attention and throbbing as if nothing had happened two hours earlier. Both of us are ready for more and we repeat our actions with even more intensity. After the third round, I wrap Aquarius manhood in Benjamins as he dresses to leave. He hugs me, kisses me, and calls me a bitch ho' and that he will be back soon, and there had better be more Benjamins for him the next time.

Aquarius Black Boy Gay DL Thug Sex Story
Kobra Fantasy with


Fantasy about Kobra
submitted by: Daddy
Would love for this Anaconda to go up in the Kobra

Kobra Gay Hood Niggas Fucking Ghetto Gay Sex Story
Cashmere Fantasy with


Fantasy about Cashmere
submitted by: Bttm4BlkTop
He comes over to my house, and we have some drinks. But it's not too long when my hand wanders over to his lap. So I take him upstairs, undress him, we get in the shower and I wash his entire body. While I am doing his legs he grabs my head and shoves his cock down my throat. Then he pulls my head away and makes me beg for it. After the shower I give him a hot oil body massage, and a rim job that sends him through the roof. After I devour his cock and swallow every drop of his cum, he grabs me, kisses me really deep, then flips me over and says "assume the position, bitch, cuz I'm gonna fuck that ass until you can't walk anymore...and you'll be beggin for more." He pushes in gently at first, then grabs my hair and starts pounding me. He pushes me down, lays on top of me and puts me in a half nelson, saying "who own this ass, bitch?" and I answer "you do," and he says "what bitch?" and I say "you do, sir." While he continues fucking harder, he kisses me long and deep. Then he lays down and says "now how bad you want this big black cock?" and I beg until he says "ok, bitch, climb on here and work this cock, show me how bad you want it." Then he rolls me over puts my feet on his shoulders, and as hick cock goes in, he leans down and kisses me while he's pounding my ass. Then he says "you want my cum, bitch, can you handle this load?" And I say "yes, sir, please." And he says "if you waste a drop, you ain't gettin any more." He comes up, kisses me, I open my mouth and he shoots straight in and then all over my face. After, I go downstairs and fix him a drink and a snack, and while he's eating, my snack is right between his legs.

Cashmere Huge Cock Fucking Gay Thug Ass Homoerotic Sex Story
HotBoi Fantasy with Jovonnie


Fantasy about HotBoi
my fantasy is to have both u & jovonne do a 3 sum with me .
Jovonnie in a scene with him

HotBoi big black dicks with Jovonnie Homoerotic Sex Story
Jovonnie Fantasy with Kidd


Fantasy about Jovonnie
submitted by: jylon
Kidd in a scene with him

Jovonnie black gay men fucking with Kidd Gay Sex Fantasy
Angelo Fantasy with


Fantasy about Angelo
omg you so effin sexy i would wake up in the middle of the night just to suck yo dick and then we can do it all night like chris brown ohh what i wouldnt do to you Boy i tell you i would swallow you dick whole!

Angelo Hood Niggas with Big Dicks DL Thug Sex Story
BlackLion Fantasy with Intruder


Fantasy about BlackLion
I would love to see this Sexy Brother battle another top for a prize. Only one brother is getting paid and its the one that can fuck the nut out of the other! I want to hear him beg for that nut, "nigga cum on please nut please nut while I/someone is beating that back up!" I would definitely continue my membership if I can see real niggas like him take some real dick!
Intruder in a scene with him

BlackLion Monster 11 Uncut Black Cock with Intruder Gay Black Sex Fantasy
BlackLion Fantasy with


Fantasy about BlackLion

BlackLion Black Gay Hood Bois Ghetto Gay Sex Story
TysonTKO Fantasy with


Fantasy about TysonTKO
One day you come home form work cuase you had a bad day so while you telling me how your day was. I'll start by kissing you on your neck then lips telling you it gonna be ok. After that I 'll unzip yo pants and start giving you head til you are hard as a rock. While you hard we will start fucking slowly all over the bed taking it in the kitchen while you trying every position on the table,floor,dryer,washer just bang banging it up til you nut. After that we kiss and I start to cook you dinner.

TysonTKO Hot Black Gay Booty Sex Gay Sex Story
JaDore Fantasy with Fresh


Fantasy about JaDore
Hot lust full scene wit fresh
Fresh in a scene with him

JaDore Gay Black Thug Sex with Fresh Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
Jovonnie Fantasy with CockyBoi


Fantasy about Jovonnie
jovonnie ima keep it real with u i wanna marry u u jus so sexy ass hell i want u to fuck me till we both gone in tha head we lay on tha bed speechless and tired we both fall asleep naked inbetween the sheets i wanna fuck u like it aint no tomorrow from head to toe ohhh jus thinkin about it jus makes me hard i want u to fuck me holding my waist ass i rub and touch yo sexy ass chest
CockyBoi in a scene with him

Jovonnie big black dicks with CockyBoi Black Gay Sex Story

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