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Jovonnie Fantasy with


Fantasy about Jovonnie
to be chilln on the beach sippin Hennessy feedin u strawberries. Givin each other massages. Kissin each other ever so softly.

Jovonnie Naked Black Men DL Thug Sex Story
SupaBad Fantasy with


Fantasy about SupaBad
jus to eat a top asshole as he fuk a friend hardcore with all the sweat running to my mouth

SupaBad DL THug Niggas Thug Sex Story
HotRod Fantasy with Nova


Fantasy about HotRod
submitted by: CHRIS LOL
Nova in a scene with him

HotRod Thug black big dick with Nova Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
EclectiQ Fantasy with


Fantasy about EclectiQ
submitted by: Vex
Love seeing this brother taking dick man it just turn me on and the way he make noise while taking the dick is a killer

EclectiQ Hot Gay Thugs Fucking Big Dicks Homoerotic Sex Story
Derek Jones Fantasy with

Derek Jones

Fantasy about Derek Jones
submitted by: JR khan
me and him doing 69 in the car going down 395 on the high way eating his ass and puting my 10in dick in his ass in the car kiss to we get to my house

Derek Jones Ghetto Gangtas drinking tasy cum Ghetto Gay Sex Story
BlackLion Fantasy with BlackLion


Fantasy about BlackLion
I have always like the size of sportsmen and the day that I came across you Blacklion I lost it. I found myself daydreaming about meeting you and what would happen. Watching you on the field playing football with the boys getting sweaty, ripping your shirt off from the heat and the love of the game, you spot me eyeing you. With a grin on your face and lust in my eyes you run to me, suggesting that we meet after the game I acknowledge and you run to the field. After the game we meet in the park, you run to me and put your manly hands around my waist and kiss me. Your hands move down to my ass and you squeeze it and reach my tongue with yours. Feeling your dick grow in your basketball shorts I moan. Feeling your body with my hands, I take off your shorts and wrap my tongue around your dick. With every stroke you moan and groan, asking me to go deeper and deeper, with both hands you left me up, snatch off my clothes flip me in the air and start to eat me out while I place all of your 10 1/2 in my mouth. We make it to the ground and open up my legs, shoving all of you in me. While you pound me your dick gets wetter with each stroke. Deeper I screa, caring less if anyone hears me, you go deeper. Turning me around, you slap my ass telling me to back my ass on your thick dick. I feel your dick throbbing with every bound that I make, you spread my legs downward penetrating me deeper. You lift me in the air bouncing me on your dick, I squeeze your dick with my ass, feeling every inch of you. We fall to the ground and I get on top, riding your dick your feet curl, ride me you demand, you scream yes and I am cumming, dont stop you tell me, I wont I yell, we finish together, I lay on your big chest, you hold me tight, we lay there for 5 minutes and start all over again.
BlackLion in a scene with him

BlackLion black male gay twinks with BlackLion Gay Black Sex Story
Zone Fantasy with


Fantasy about Zone
I like his size, would love to wrestle him for top...sweat as long as it takes until one of us is taking the other!

Zone Chocolate Gay Brothas Ghetto Gay Sex Story
SexcyOne Fantasy with TysonTKO


Fantasy about SexcyOne
submitted by: charlie o.
I am in a wheelchair. I am rolling down the street and Sexcyone and Tyson TKO see me. they think I look kinda sexy and they grab me up off the street and take me to an empty warehouse. When we get there they forcily strip me naked and have their way with me. Now, that is hot!
TysonTKO in a scene with him

SexcyOne Black Gay Video with TysonTKO Gay Sex Story
TysonTKO Fantasy with


Fantasy about TysonTKO
I actually have tyson on one of my videos and i have always admired him...i love his swag and style of sexual encounters. I myself wouldnt mind doing a scene with him..I've never done porn before, but with a guy like Tyson TKO...what the hell why not right? only live once...enjoy they a very attractive guy that loves to bottom and dick is the best candy in the world...especially really havent found a decent challenge to satisfy my walls but shit one day this fantasy right here could just possibly do the trick...

TysonTKO Naked Black Men Gay Black Sex Story
EclectiQ Fantasy with


Fantasy about EclectiQ
submitted by: Bradley
Love to see this guy taking dick. Love the way he holla that shit just turn me the hellon

EclectiQ Black thug twinks Gay Black Sex Story
Markell Fantasy with Nathan Woods


Fantasy about Markell
Nathan comes in to a room and finds Markell laying there in speedos. markell asks nathan if he would like to wrestle. nathan says sure....winner gets to cum on top of the losers abs. the wrestle around from time to time the hold each other down and punch each other in the abs. which seems to get the hard ons and more aggresive. nathin ends up winning though. and begans to rub oil on markells abs. he punches markells abs a little before sliding his dick across markells oiled up abs . he rubbs slowly as markell flexes his abs for extra friction. then Nathan cums.
Nathan Woods in a scene with him
Nathan Woods

Markell ruff thug fuckin with Nathan Woods Ghetto Gay Sex Story
Shonuff Fantasy with Markell


Fantasy about Shonuff
leaned up agains a wall flexing his abs while saki comes along and rubs oil on his abs and starts to punch his abs lightly. each time he punches him. he moans/grunts is if he is being fucked. they both jerk off and punch each others abs till they cum.
Markell in a scene with him

Shonuff Hood Niggas with Big Dicks with Markell Gay Black Sex Fantasy
Truth Fantasy with


Fantasy about Truth
into abs and ab worship here. and rarely see vids or blk vids with such in them.
would love to see a video with truth raises up his shirt slowly in front of trinibwoimia revealing his abs. the trini rubs oil on truths abs. truth flexes as them. the trini light light punches his abs. as the both start to get hard ons. truth puts his arms over his head as trini light punches him while jerking of with his other hand. then truth lays on his back while his abs are tightly flexed and trini rubs his dick across his abs till he cums

Truth gay niggas fucking Black Gay Sex Story
Nathan Woods Fantasy with

Nathan Woods

Fantasy about Nathan Woods
would love to see him leaned back against a wall while markel rubs oil on his stomach. then tubs his hard on up and down his abs till him cums. or them them taking turns doin that to each other. would all so like to see the same thing on a bed with one of them on his back. with his abs flexed.

Nathan Woods Thug Gay Street Trade Homoerotic Sex Story
Markell Fantasy with


Fantasy about Markell
Markell...a dream come true.
Let the rain tap lightly over my windowpane. The dark sky,showered with a touch of breeze....

Let me lay you down on some silk velvet sheet with some silk chiffon pilliows tailored everywhere around your frame to have you feel extra comfortable...would you wear your favorite undies for me baby? To your left, planted firmly on the side a glass of france finest wine, Beaujolais Nouveau and some of your favorite you like candies? Turn slowly to your right, and experience the smell of some good baked chicken. (trust me, you'll need it).

Close your eyes, and inhale the scent of my air....something very tropical. Open your eyes and have a glimpse of the cinnamon scented candles, dimmed in my room. Are you ready Markell? I'm least not yet. Turn up the light in your eyes, and let me dazzle your frame with a few touches here and there.... Im here, covered in a bath robe, you like black Markell? I do. Open your ears, as I indulge you with a song called "LIFETIME" by Maxwell. Do you like slow tunes Markell? *lick lips (to be continue)...Email me...hehe

Markell thug homoerotica Black Gay Sex Fantasy
Aquarius Fantasy with Derek Jones


Fantasy about Aquarius
submitted by: Darwin
I have never seen a wonderful porn star like Aquarius. this in not an exaggeration, it just the fact.

It's true that I have never gotten an opportunity to watch his videos, but judging from the picture slides. He is just perfect.
Plays top, just like straight, and bottom like never been top.

you are Da BOMB!!!

I go jacking each time I think of him.
It will be nice, if I can find my way to fantasy land.

Derek Jones in a scene with him
Derek Jones

Aquarius Flood nigga booty with hot cum with Derek Jones Black Gay Sex Fantasy
Skinny Fantasy with


Fantasy about Skinny
He's got one of the best move and response to feelings I wish I live close to the states. I would do any thing to gut your pretty ass loaded.

I will be expecting to see a video of you Hotrod and Aquarius

Skinny THUG DICK Black Gay Sex Fantasy
HotRod Fantasy with Mr. Saukei


Fantasy about HotRod
submitted by: Kevin
i really dont have a fantasy i just love Hot Rod he the best looking man alive.....i want him on the beach in the sand when the sun is going down to just have his way with me.............I so love u hot rod
Mr. Saukei in a scene with him
Mr. Saukei

HotRod Man Up Nigga with Mr. Saukei Black Gay Sex Fantasy
Jovonnie Fantasy with


Fantasy about Jovonnie
I see him walking through the Inner Harbor in Baltimore looking around on a sunny day. Knowing that I have a pack of ciggarettes in my pocket, I go up to to ask for a smoke just cause he looks good. After he gives me a smoke, I ask him what he's up to cause he looks lost. He tells me that his name is Jovonne and he's visiting. I ask him if he wants me to show him around cause I'm just floating around the Baltimore/DC area and he agrees. He told me that he did want to see a movie though so we go back to his hotel room to look online for start times. While in the room, one thing leads to another and he asks me if I ever thought about being with a dude. I let him know that I have and that I have been with dudes before. He suddenly just kisses me and kiss back. He starts squeezing my ass while we're kissing and I start rubbing on his dick. I can feel that he's hard and that it's FAR from small. I explain to him that I usually don't get fucked but I want to try getting fucked by him. He promised to be slow and promised I wouldn't regret it. I felt HUGE pain that suddenly turned to pleasure. After awhile, he increased his speed and put me in every position known to man. Our night ends with him cumming all over stomach, sucking my dick until I cum, and enjoying each others company for the rest of his vacation.

Jovonnie THUG DICK Black Gay Sex Fantasy
Derek Jones Fantasy with

Derek Jones

Fantasy about Derek Jones
My fantasy starts off with me running into him at the mall and I keep looking at him sneakily. He finally just comes over and says, "Hi I'm Derek. I saw you looking at me while you were over there." I would admit that I was and we would grab something cool to drink while talking to each other. He would then ask me if I wanna chill at his place and I would obviously agree. 10 mintues after we get to his place, we start kissing on his couch. He starts sucking my dick and then I return the favor. He then takes it easy and slow on fucking me because he knows I'm not used to taking it. After a little bit, he speeds up and he is tearing it up and has me going crazy. Then he just stops and says...your turn. So he gets on top of me and starts riding me while I beat his dick off. An hour passes until we both come all over each other. He then kissses me on my neck and says that we should do this again after a movie this weekend. I accept

Derek Jones dl freak nigga home made videos DL Thug Sex Story
JaDore Fantasy with


Fantasy about JaDore
i saw you last week, our eyes met, i have seen you before, but never said anything, next time you will come to me and say hi! lol

JaDore Huge Cock Fucking Gay Thug Ass Ghetto Gay Sex Story
HotRod Fantasy with


Fantasy about HotRod
submitted by: his fan
i would like to take his dick deep and hard in my asshole and then when he's ready nut right in my mouth and fuck me some more.. for about 2 days or so.. not non-stop but everytime his dicks get hard i would love to make it go down

HotRod Cumdrinking Rough Black Gay Sex Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
Chocolate Majik Fantasy with Jovonnie

Chocolate Majik

Fantasy about Chocolate Majik
submitted by: Ny-Drice Dunn
Me and him goin 2 da movies and we r alone. Den we fuk in every seat in the theatre
Jovonnie in a scene with him

Chocolate Majik Rough Black Thug Anal with Jovonnie Black Gay Sex Fantasy
Shonuff Fantasy with


Fantasy about Shonuff

Shonuff Well Hung Nigga Gay Black Sex Fantasy
Aquarius Fantasy with


Fantasy about Aquarius
submitted by: IWANT YOU
I Really like watching you take dick. But i would really love to chill with you smoke a L or 2 and just let you stick that thing all in my guts. It can be much more than a fantasy! Just don't tell a soul. You sexy chocolate work!!! Im all bottom and would love to get it in with you

Aquarius Gay Black Porn Galleries Gay Sex Fantasy
Redbone Fantasy with


Fantasy about Redbone
just hug sleep with you. No sexual intercourse unless it's called for just wanna feel ya body next to mine and let ya know you safe with me.

Redbone hung black thugs Black Gay Sex Fantasy
Seduction Fantasy with


Fantasy about Seduction
the fact that ur redbone says it all i would just luv to suck dat dick so good that u would just want to nut all over my face i would eat dat ass too so fukin hot wit all them tatoos and just put me on all fours and fuk the shit out of me eat my ass and suck dis dick babyboi let me eat it from the front and back let me get on top hold dem legs back and slide this blck dick in that red ass nigga fuk me till u cum and imma beat while u fukin me and nut so good tell me wen u bout to cum so you can put it in my mouth bust dat nut nigga!!!and i would just ride dat dick nigga azz so fat

Seduction Black Gay Video Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
ThugZilla Fantasy with


Fantasy about ThugZilla
To have mean sex wit thugzilla until my ass cum lOlz....

ThugZilla Gay Black Thugz Black Gay Sex Fantasy
Intruder Fantasy with Jovonnie


Fantasy about Intruder
submitted by: Brandon
Jovonnie in a scene with him

Intruder Thug Fucking with Jovonnie Gay Black Sex Fantasy
CockyBoi Fantasy with Seduction


Fantasy about CockyBoi
submitted by: leon
I wona see cockybio fuck more me he look like he can fuck lowkey
Seduction in a scene with him

CockyBoi Rough Black Thug Anal with Seduction Black Gay Sex Story
CockyBoi Fantasy with CityBwoi


Fantasy about CockyBoi
wanna see yall get busyyyyyyy
CityBwoi in a scene with him

CockyBoi Big Black Dick Thug Porn with CityBwoi Gay Black Sex Story
Chocolate Majik Fantasy with FlyKid

Chocolate Majik

Fantasy about Chocolate Majik
i would love to see him and fly 89s kidd have a nice session and see him take all that dick cause fly 80s kid can take some dick
FlyKid in a scene with him

Chocolate Majik Thug black big dick with FlyKid Black Gay Sex Story
Surrender Fantasy with OddDeSea


Fantasy about Surrender
submitted by: Odddesea
The First time i saw u i wanted you 4-ever Wen u gave my my Fantasy !!! i went crazzy couldnt belive after making love to you licking you from head to toe as u grabed my body as if you didnt want to let go grid that pretty ass on my thick dick - i strucked your dick so, good u came onto my chest licking every drop bringing it to my lips, with the taste of me and u combind i know you were the one- Ohhhh But the fun we had one high and Bday sex nite ill never forget is wen u licked me so good before havin me sit of your yummie long ass {dick}i love it u made me for so good fucking you and u fucking me all threw out the nite ' I had to make it come true for the world ''so now they see wats up !!! You Are The Best Boyfriend Ive Ever !!! My next Fantasy with you is wen we bring [ButtaH] into our Kindom and fuck him TAGTEAM like [Jovonne & Citybwoi] would who knows soon to come;';';';'' Love Oddie!
OddDeSea in a scene with him

Surrender Uncut Thick Black Cock with OddDeSea DL Thug Sex Story
Derek Jones Fantasy with

Derek Jones

Fantasy about Derek Jones
submitted by: 878787
I saw this lovely dude at a club last Thursday by the nationals baseball field.  He was so cute, I wanted to hookup with him then and there, lol  I would like him to control me and fuck the hell out of me.  I could n't stop looking at him, he looked at me and I guess I caught his eye, but there were alot of dudes there.  Damn I would love to be fucked by this dude.  Sexi ass

Derek Jones Gay Male Escorts DL Thug Sex Story
KB-Toys Fantasy with


Fantasy about KB-Toys
whats up?sexy this is your boy dynasty im looking forward to do porn with you soon.

KB-Toys hung thug Gay Black Sex Story
Aquarius Fantasy with


Fantasy about Aquarius
whats up?sexy this is your boy dynasty im looking forward to do porn with you soon.

Aquarius Gay Black Thug Sex Black Gay Sex Story
Morgan Fantasy with


Fantasy about Morgan
whats up?sexy this is your boy dynasty im looking to do porn with you soon.

Morgan Gay Male Escorts Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
Protégé Fantasy with Dynasty


Fantasy about Protégé
i will like to see him in dynasty get off
Dynasty in a scene with him

Protégé Sexy Black Studs with Dynasty Gay Sex Fantasy
EclectiQ Fantasy with Dynasty


Fantasy about EclectiQ
i wont to see him do a 3some with dynasty
Dynasty in a scene with him

EclectiQ Gay Black Thugz with Dynasty Gay Black Sex Fantasy
EclectiQ Fantasy with Buttah


Fantasy about EclectiQ
damn he is so hot. i see him bangin the shit outta butta's ass long and hard.
Buttah in a scene with him

EclectiQ Naked Black Men with Buttah Black Gay Sex Story
Aquarius Fantasy with


Fantasy about Aquarius
submitted by: jeromeT
Man, I just watched the video with you and Derek Jones -- that shit was hot!!!!!! I'd love to be the next one gettin some of that chocolate dick. Damn you turned me on and turned me out with that shit. You are so fuckin sexy.

Aquarius Big Dick Videos Gay Black Sex Story
Reeci Fantasy with


Fantasy about Reeci
submitted by: Sean
this lil nigga is sexy is hell and a nutt freak. would love for him to suck my dick Im talkn about that sloppy, slurpn wet ass head slow or fast. Wanna dive in eatn his asshole & dig in deep. Bust a hot ass nutt all down his throat a true bukkake boy. This what i need right here reeci xtube's finest

Reeci Black Boy Gay DL Thug Sex Story
LilScorpio Fantasy with


Fantasy about LilScorpio
Lil Scorpio so far he is a cutty and I would love to touch his body and rub his tits, and of get my pussy suck on and suck his dick for maybe three mintues and we have sex on the couch. then we take it down to the floor.

LilScorpio big black dicks Ghetto Gay Sex Story
August Fantasy with Enigma


Fantasy about August
submitted by: rod
August Lacore will be one of the Headliner Performers for this years DC Capitol Pride performing his Raunchy Hip Hop single "Give it Boy" on June 13, 2010 on the ,ain stage in front of the US Capitol Building
Enigma in a scene with him

August Gay hardcore thug niggas with Enigma Gay Black Sex Fantasy
Aquarius Fantasy with


Fantasy about Aquarius
submitted by: JEROME T
my fantasy is to suck on this hot brotha's dick until he cums in my mouth. you are so fuckin fine, i'd like to have that hot rod in my ass all night long. You are soooooo sexy. Want you to wrap your gorgeous body around me all night -- ooooh baby.

Aquarius Gay Booty Poppin Gay Sex Story
Tyga Fantasy with


Fantasy about Tyga
submitted by: alizae
in mi fantsy he wil be fuckin me at 6flags. i want him to make it rough too

Tyga THUG DICK Black Gay Sex Fantasy
Dreayon Fantasy with


Fantasy about Dreayon
i wnt to lay u day pull ur dick out waly in the shower and the go to the baolkn of the hotl len me over the rral and fuck the hit out of me

Dreayon Uncut Thick Black Cock Homoerotic Sex Story
Aquarius Fantasy with


Fantasy about Aquarius
i love seeing this dude with anybody. i have yet to see him in a video where he isnt the most passionate one on film. he is a true freak (i say that as a compliment)

Aquarius Thug black big dick Gay Black Sex Fantasy
SexcyOne Fantasy with Blood


Fantasy about SexcyOne
submitted by: sexyazzbottom
I would love to be fuck hard and long by three thugz and i would play a naughty school boy and get pumped by three thugz who play basketball…
Blood in a scene with him

SexcyOne Big Dick Videos with Blood Thug Sex Story
Buttah Fantasy with


Fantasy about Buttah
i would like to be with u and fondle each other and eat that pussy of yours and lick that curved ass and ram in . you look so good

Buttah Gangstas Fucking Men DL Thug Sex Story

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