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Rudy Cashh Fantasy with

Rudy Cashh

Fantasy about Rudy Cashh
My fantasy would start by kissing and foreplay and a lot of body contact then move to both of us 69 each other and once I got that big ass 13" dick rock hard and he tongue this tight Latin bubble ass down and got it nice and wet... he'll pound it like nobody's business ;p

Rudy Cashh ruff thug fuckin DL Thug Sex Story
Rio Fantasy with Enigma-X


Fantasy about Rio
submitted by: mike
these two woulkd bring down the house enigma x suck dick now and rio can take a mean on look at enigma last video and see him sucking dick and fucking like crazy
Enigma-X in a scene with him

Rio Thug Fucking with Enigma-X Gay Sex Story
Virgo da Beast Fantasy with Virgo da Beast

Virgo da Beast

Fantasy about Virgo da Beast
with siren and tae the doug virgo the beast have a free for all. everyone geting fuck
Virgo da Beast in a scene with him
Virgo da Beast

Virgo da Beast Thugs for Sex with Virgo da Beast Gay Sex Fantasy
Damien Pistol Fantasy with TaeTheDoug

Damien Pistol

Fantasy about Damien Pistol
da best and angyl mandingo giving him the fuck of his life the entire film or the same concept but include taethedoug as the other bottom.
TaeTheDoug in a scene with him

Damien Pistol Freaky Gay Thugs Ass Fucking Sex with TaeTheDoug Ghetto Gay Sex Story
Charme Boyce Fantasy with Charme Boyce

Charme Boyce

Fantasy about Charme Boyce
I want to fuck charmeboyce while his dick is in my mouth
Charme Boyce in a scene with him
Charme Boyce

Charme Boyce Black Men with Charme Boyce DL Thug Sex Story
August Fantasy with ArQuez


Fantasy about August
August has a underwear company
ArQuez in a scene with him

August Black Gay Video with ArQuez Homoerotic Sex Story
Siren Fantasy with


Fantasy about Siren
I would love to have 1 on 1 with this guy attractive nice body nice size dick and nice ass I'll suck and eat him the fuck out yesssssssssss

Siren black gay men fucking Gay Sex Story
Dante Fantasy with


Fantasy about Dante
submitted by: Tykell
I dream of dante sucking dis dick but i a suprise flip deeper the better ...with ass like this..i trust it went be the last

Dante THUG GAY STREET TRADE Gay Black Sex Story
Tru Fantasy with Phoenix


Fantasy about Tru
submitted by: jaheem
I want him to come in the crib and fuck the hell out of me threesome with him and Phoenix
Phoenix in a scene with him

Tru Gay Thug Ass Fucking with Phoenix Gay Sex Story
CharmingG Fantasy with


Fantasy about CharmingG
I want to see my wife suck your cock. shes 29 Filipina. I want to suck your cock too

CharmingG Gay Male Escorts Black Gay Sex Fantasy
Sly da Prince Fantasy with

Sly da Prince

Fantasy about Sly da Prince
submitted by: Adán
I want to suck your delicious dick

Sly da Prince Young Thugs Fucking Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
Jovonnie Fantasy with


Fantasy about Jovonnie
I will pay $3000.00 for some of that ass yes I am 100% a top that's will love to have a weekend fuck date with the people Prince

Jovonnie Gay Black Thugz Gay Sex Fantasy
TaeTheDoug Fantasy with


Fantasy about TaeTheDoug
submitted by: Rashied
Car breaks down in front of a trap area . I call AAA for help, but told it would be 45 min to an hour before someone could assist. A group of thugs approach me asking why da fuq I'm doing in their bando, and start trying to punk me. Tae recognizes me from somewhere and tells them I'm cool and they back off. We smoke in my whip and chat , he realizes that he knows me from the club, where he sell weed occasionally . He asks why was I there on Gay night. I deny it at first , but he says he already knows wassup . He says the only reason he vouched for me with his home boys is because he wants to fuck me . AAA arrives and fixes my whip . Tae gets in on the passenger side and reveals his gun and orders me to drive to his spot . He forces me inside and says it's time for me to show my appreciation for him helping me out and advises me to get naked and humble. And with that. It's on.....

TaeTheDoug Hood Niggas with Big Dicks Gay Black Sex Story
Fresh Fantasy with


Fantasy about Fresh
submitted by: EBONY

Fresh Sexy Black Studs Gay Black Sex Story
Hershey Fantasy with SupaBad


Fantasy about Hershey
Plus intrigue and buttah and jovonnie
SupaBad in a scene with him

Hershey Free Black Gay Porn with SupaBad Thug Sex Story
TasteAChoklit Fantasy with


Fantasy about TasteAChoklit
basically imagining me & him licking each other's feet and then him jerking my dick with his feet till I cum. No penetration involved.

TasteAChoklit caribbean black dick encounters Black Gay Sex Story
Kacorot Fantasy with


Fantasy about Kacorot
submitted by: NuBooty
At the bus terminal waiting for a cab to go home. Kacorot walks over and asks do I know where he could stay for the night that's cheap. I said you can stay at my crib. We get in the cab and head to my apartment. We walk and I offer him something to drink. I came out the kitchen and he's naked. I was shocked and he asked could he have some of that phat ass. I put the cups down led him to the bedroom and started sucking his dick. Getting it rock hard. I slips my clothes off climbs on the bed and lubed up my hole. He puts some on his dick. I laid back and he climbed in between my legs bring his sick close to my hole. I told him I might be tight. He slid the head in pinned my arms down by the wrist. Whispered in my ear and said good. One good thrust forced my hole open snapping tight around his dick. The pain and pleasure mixed shot up my spin as I moaned really loud. Macleod said, "Now lets see how much of my babies you can hold." He fucked my alternating between fast and hard & slow and deep hitting that spot every time causing my ads to orgasim. I felt him cum inside me and heard each of his moans. After each nut I got up and got us something to drink. One time I grabbed my blunt I had rolled before I left brought it back. He hit and ducked the dawgshit out of me. We ducked until he was "empty". I turned the tv on and he grabbed me in his arms and we drifted off to sleep. We work up later and ducked 3 more times before I drove back to the bus terminal.

Kacorot Gangsta Gays Thug Sex Story
Discord Adamz Fantasy with

Discord Adamz

Fantasy about Discord Adamz
submitted by: John
Discord Adamz dreads must hang over my face when he is on top of me kissing me and making love to me

Discord Adamz big dicked gay thugs fucking Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
ArQuez Fantasy with


Fantasy about ArQuez
submitted by: Jerod Z
I'd slowly climb on top of him and kiss him deeply then work my way down his neck sucking on it and kissing it then lick down to his nipples and work each one for about 10-15min then kiss down his sexy tattooed body to his navel and lick his sweaty juices on it cause he hard as fuck right now after I work them spots. I'd continue to his rock hard dick and suck the tip swirling my tongue and mouth around the head then slowly swallow him and continue to suck deeply on it up and down for at least 40 min making him almost reach a climax but not letting him nutt yet. Just want to make him moan more that turns me on. then I suck on his balls and then kiss him deeply on his thighs and work my way to his toes sucking on them both feet for a while. then work my way back up to his sweet dick and continue to finish him off when he's nutting swallow all his juice till he can't cum no more

ArQuez Big Dick Black Gay Thug 3Way Gay Sex Story
Dymin Wyldz Fantasy with

Dymin Wyldz

Fantasy about Dymin Wyldz
submitted by: Ceasar
I fuck this nigga all the time wish I knew he was a pornstar

Dymin Wyldz Gay Black Thug Sex Thug Sex Story
Phoenix Fantasy with HotRod


Fantasy about Phoenix
To have an all day breeding session with these two guys ..... Nothing turns me on more than watching these guys fuck and get fucked in their movies ....
HotRod in a scene with him

Phoenix Gay hardcore thug niggas with HotRod Gay Sex Fantasy
Longdick Shawty Fantasy with

Longdick Shawty

Fantasy about Longdick Shawty
Love to suck his balls

Longdick Shawty Black Thugz Gay Sex Story
Vyto Fantasy with


Fantasy about Vyto
I'm recently divorced,with gf in which I told one day I was curious about sucking a dick,and I was curious about the taste of cum. I am dying to try anal,I've played with toys ,been fingered. I want to be submissive bottom to a absalute power top,I want to be done the way I have done alot of women.,but it has to be a black dude yall turn me on ,I to meet him at a hotel,I knock and he opens the door ,inviting me in.he sees me ,starring at his crotch. He looks me in the eye and ask me if wanted to touch his dick,yes I replied He undoes his pants ,flopping tha black beautiful thing out.he nods go ahead grab he says get down and lick it ,ok I said.i lick and suck him hard,ok he said lick my balls now.a few mins later he ushers me onto my back,I can't but think , I don't know if I can take it.he then puts one of my legs on his shoulder and holds my ankle with his left hand ,stretching my legs far apart.with dick in the other ,I can feel his head trying to enter me ,with it not going he pushes harder,and it finally goes in,I squeal,and jerk and shake.he says ,ahh your tight.he slowly but got it all in ,balls against my ass cheeks.he fucks me what seemed like for ever,putting me where he wanted until I felt him thrust hard and deep ,shooting his cum deep in me.I get fucked for the rest of the nite and morning

Vyto Thug Gay Street Trade DL Thug Sex Story
Venom Fantasy with


Fantasy about Venom
Oh my you turn me on!!!!! Kicked back with your legs sprawed open.with that big beautiful cock floped over.

Venom Freaky Gay Thugs Ass Fucking Sex Black Gay Sex Fantasy
Venom Fantasy with


Fantasy about Venom
Oh my you turn me on!!!!! Kicked back with your legs sprawed open.with that big beautiful cock floped over. Can I please sir get right up between them thick muscular thighs and lick and suck that big beautiful thing. I have never sucked a cock,can I suck ,lick,stroke it until u cum,I want to taste your hot cum,shoot it all in my mouth,make me open my mouth wide ,my tongue out so u can see it,when do u shove your cock back in making me have to swallow most of it,ill get it hard again.then I want u take that big thing to my virgin ass.but plz go slow and easygetting it on,I know there will be some pain but I hope the pleasure is as much.i don't expect to walk right for a week,I just don't want to be tore

Venom Black Gay Hood Niggas Fucking Gay Black Sex Fantasy
Siren Fantasy with Siren


Fantasy about Siren
A lots of passionate and kisses and hugs thata my fantasy.
Siren in a scene with him

Siren Hood Freaks with Siren Ghetto Gay Sex Story
Gucci Fantasy with


Fantasy about Gucci
Damn Gucci so sexy I would love for us to go one on one

Gucci Hood Freaks Black Gay Sex Story
Discord Adamz Fantasy with DayDay

Discord Adamz

Fantasy about Discord Adamz
3some ==L=¦getting fuck by both of Them
DayDay in a scene with him

Discord Adamz Young Thugs Fucking with DayDay Homoerotic Sex Story
360 Fantasy with SexcyOne


Fantasy about 360
submitted by: sexy482
would love to spend a night with 360 and have my way with him.
SexcyOne in a scene with him

360 caribbean black dick encounters with SexcyOne Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
Gucci Fantasy with TaeTheDoug


Fantasy about Gucci
hook him and tae the doug
TaeTheDoug in a scene with him

Gucci Cumdrinking Rough Black Gay Sex with TaeTheDoug Thug Sex Story
Romeo Fantasy with DayDay


Fantasy about Romeo
Love Romeo j myles
DayDay in a scene with him

Romeo Ruffneck Swagger with DayDay Thug Sex Story
kydLeo Fantasy with


Fantasy about kydLeo
My fantasy would that I would submit to this sexy, thug looking Bull. I love black men with thick kinky pubic and under arm hair. I have always been tight so I would want Kyd to slowly and easily break me in. I would also want to ride him bareback, always. As Im riding he puts his arms above his head so as I ride I can lick his sexy, sweaty arm pits, mmmm. His balls look so good too.

kydLeo Black Men Gay Black Sex Story
Romeo Fantasy with


Fantasy about Romeo
I wanna be fucked so hard and long that I cum twice and have you bust in me.

Romeo Thug Fucking Black Gay Sex Story
JaiSexual Fantasy with Brokeback


Fantasy about JaiSexual
J sexy taking my raw dik like a pro
Brokeback in a scene with him

JaiSexual big black dicks with Brokeback Gay Sex Fantasy
Gucci Fantasy with Virgo da Beast


Fantasy about Gucci
submitted by: Anthony m davis
This dude is so sexy and I would love to see him Bottom.I would like to see him paired with Ja" Mario Williams who is one of my Favorite models.
Virgo da Beast in a scene with him
Virgo da Beast

Gucci black male porno stars with Virgo da Beast Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
Gucci Fantasy with


Fantasy about Gucci
I want to suck Gucci dick and make him moan until he can't take it anymore then he bends me over and fucks me til I cream on his dick!!!! I want him to eat these cupcakes with the cream filling!!!!!

Gucci Ruffneck Swagger Gay Sex Fantasy
Chocolate Majik Fantasy with

Chocolate Majik

Fantasy about Chocolate Majik
submitted by: Bilk
Made to suck his big long dick until my mouth couldn't hold anymore and forced to swallow his huge load. Then penetrated only with lube on his dick from my mouth and fucked in any and all positions for at least three hours. Then after dinner, he returns to give a repeat performance.

Chocolate Majik ruff thug fuckin Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
Onyx Omari Fantasy with DayDay

Onyx Omari

Fantasy about Onyx Omari
Onyx needs to flip with Day Day. Day Day has fucked him before on film, which is cool, but I'd like to see Onyx fuck Day Day too.
DayDay in a scene with him

Onyx Omari dl freak nigga home made videos with DayDay Gay Black Sex Fantasy
JaiSexual Fantasy with


Fantasy about JaiSexual

JaiSexual Ruff Thugs Gay Black Sex Story
Élan Fantasy with HotRod


Fantasy about Élan
Match elan with Hotrod
HotRod in a scene with him

Élan Uncut Thick Black Cock with HotRod Thug Sex Story
2Long Fantasy with


Fantasy about 2Long
Damn 2 long is sexy as fuck would love to make another one wit him

2Long Gay Black Porn Galleries DL Thug Sex Story
Dark Meat Fantasy with

Dark Meat

Fantasy about Dark Meat
submitted by: LEBRON
i will love to make passionate love to him all night long

Dark Meat Black Gay Video Ghetto Gay Sex Story
Longdick Shawty Fantasy with

Longdick Shawty

Fantasy about Longdick Shawty
submitted by: tabya
mmmmmmm...suck this very nice cocok,try a very deep troat!!!....and be deep fucked very hard!!!!...mmmmmmmmm!!!

Longdick Shawty Black Men Gay Sex Fantasy
Wood Fantasy with TaeTheDoug


Fantasy about Wood
hook him with tae the doug
TaeTheDoug in a scene with him

Wood Freaky Gay Thugs Ass Fucking Sex with TaeTheDoug Thug Sex Story
BabyBoy Fantasy with BabyFace


Fantasy about BabyBoy
submitted by: rasguy
i love u, i wish i can have sex with, send to my email if u which to have sex with me! I love u baby boy
BabyFace in a scene with him

BabyBoy Gay Booty Poppin with BabyFace Homoerotic Sex Story
DayDay Fantasy with Legacy


Fantasy about DayDay
submitted by: jett
Me and day day sucking and fucking each other
Legacy in a scene with him

DayDay big dicked gay thugs fucking with Legacy Homoerotic Sex Story
Jovonnie Fantasy with


Fantasy about Jovonnie
submitted by: Tikowha
I have fantasied about Jovonnie for about a year now but the most recent one was him laying on the bed in some basketball shorts and I'm just gettin out the shower I see him playin there I get on the bed with him touch his body feel his dick play with it then he rolls over eyes still closed and says suck it I pull his shorts down and start suckin him his dick gets hard he stats rubbin my ass and says turn around he gets up behind me and start to slide in he starts to fuck me and then when he gets hot and starts to sweat he says let's get in the shower we start fuckin in the shower I bust while he's inside me I bust on the shower floor and then he bust on my ass then we shower together then I wake up and its just a dream

Jovonnie Black gay thugs Thug Sex Story
Perfection Fantasy with Phoenix


Fantasy about Perfection
Full Vers on Vers fucking.
Phoenix in a scene with him

Perfection ruff thug fuckin with Phoenix Black Gay Sex Story
Jovonnie Fantasy with


Fantasy about Jovonnie
want to get fuck in a threesome with him nd city bwoi

Jovonnie Gay hardcore thug niggas Black Gay Sex Story
360 Fantasy with


Fantasy about 360
submitted by: deshay
want tp see that ass been eat out a long time nd get it fucked hard nd deep none stop

360 Gay Thug Ass Fucking Gay Black Sex Fantasy

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