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Chocolate Drop Entertainment June 2016

(reading is fundamental!)

I've read the agreement and I'm ready to

enter da booty

gay black booty

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2257 Statement

A sexual fantasy about Jovonnie . I'm sitting at home on a weekend, trying to find something to get into. After I finally see nothing is going to happen, I just give up calling friends and start to relax and watch TV. Someone knocks at the door and when I answer, it's a very handsome guy that introduces himself as Jovonnie. He proceeds to tell me that he was traveling through when his car broke down in front of my crib. I told him I had some tools in my garage and would get them for him so that he can fix the problem. As we walked through the house towards the garage he tells me how nice my house is and also tells me that I'm a sexy ass lil nigga. I smirked and said thanks and continued to the garage. When we got into the garage, and I'm bending over looking for the tools, he grabbed my ass and said, "You looking for tools for me, but I got a tool to for you too!" He pulled me close to him and we begin to kiss. Then, he pulled out his dick and I start to passionately suck it. He lays me down and starts to gently eat my ass. My eyes are closed as I'm moaning from the great sensation his warm mouth is giving me. He proceeds to turn me over on my stomach and enter his throbbing dick inside my tight ass. He starts off gently stroking me, and as I get use to his dick he gets harder and harder. He flips me in all positions and I'm eager to please him because he's making me feel so good. He cums all over me and tells me how good it was. I clean myself up, hand him the tools and walk him out to his car. He tries to fix it but is unsuccessful. I offer him a room for the night and he stays and we continue love making all night!